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Medium – Two Reviews for the Price of One

February 26th, 2009 by Christine

“A Person of Interest” 2/16/09

Opening: Allison voice-over, talking about fixations and obsessions.  Do you remember the Hi-Pro dog food commercials that ran in the ‘80’s?  The items people were fixated on were glowing – they had the Hi-Pro glow!

Main storyline: Allison is channeling the early obsessions of a terrorist’s son, who just happens to be employed by her husband.  Instead of preparing dinner for David Brewer and his wife, Allison gets obsessed will building something in the garage, which just happens to be a home-made bomb, fertilizer and all.  Obviously, they have to lie to their guests, and return the fertilizer.  It turns out that David Brewer, Joe’s employee, used to be Arlo Slocumb, Mitchell Slocumb’s son.  Mitchell was a crazy militant who ended up performing acts of terrorism in the Phoenix area years ago.  The bomb Allison built was inspired by David/Arlo’s drive to build things.  The bomb was a replica of the one and only time David/Arlo went along with his father’s crazy ideas.  In the end, David was living a changed life.  Allison had no proof of his part in the bombing.  But he decides not to work for Joe anymore.

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Medium – Things to Do in Phoenix When You Are Dead

February 10th, 2009 by Christine

Quick Episode Review:

Opening scene: Allison explains the importance of code words, like “Redrum,” which Bridgette should use around her younger sister, Marie. Bridgette’s definition of “Redrum” to Marie: A special flavor of ice cream from the tooth fairy.

Main story: Allison talks to a live person as if he is dead. She thinks he’s dead because he keeps showing up in her dreams as an observer. Come to find out, he’s a doc with a brain tumor. During a near-death experience, he realized he had the power to go anywhere and observe whatever he wished. Being that he had just started his doctoring career, he doesn’t have much dough to leave to the wife and daughter. So he, along with a red-headed nurse, decides to cause near-death so they can observe people and blackmail them. This works out until Red decides not to revive the doc so she can run off with the $500 grand they’ve already earned through the evil scheme. But with Allison’s help, the dead doc gets the money back to his wife by spying on Red.

Minor story: Ariel’s assignment is to take care of a baby simulating doll along with one of her male classmates as baby daddy. She’s thrilled with her pairing. Baby Daddy takes the first shift. After that, every time Ariel gets her hands on the baby doll, she becomes instantly stoned. I guess that’s psychically stoned. (That would be cool, if it were possible – flying high without the fear of drug testing or side-effects.) Dear old Dad figures out that the baby daddy is doing the drugs and doesn’t have “allergies” as he claims. He makes the boy finish the project on his own, or he’ll tell his parents about his allergies.

My thoughts:

While it was amusing that Allison couldn’t tell a live person from a dead one, I wasn’t wowed by this episode, or last week’s season opener, either. I’m not sure what’s missing. It was an interesting episode, but if I were a new viewer, I’m not sure that I would be hooked. Patricia Arquette will be making her directorial debut next week. Maybe she can breathe some life back into the show. If there are any other Medium fans out there, let me know what your thoughts are about this season.

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Caption Hunt: Inside MMA – October 3rd from Denver…

October 3rd, 2008 by Mike2GuysTalking

Show Viewing Date: 10-3-2008
Show Title: Inside: MMA (I:MMA) – October 3rd from Denver, TX
Reviewed By: Mike Wilkerson – 2GuysTalking


One of the things a lot of people have overlooked about Mixed Martial Arts is that there’s at least one event held at The Playboy Mansion – Yes, you read that right.  The Playboy Mansion, WITH… You guessed it again!  Hugh Heffner himself and…  That’s right!  An entourage of Playboy Bunnies!  When you add that on top of the pre-fight information regarding what will be one of the biggest fights of the year (Kimbo Slice vs Frank Shamrock!  While it’s all sensational, makes for wide eyes and sucks you in, it’s what started off this episode of Inside: MMA, one of my favorite television shows that appears on Friday evenings on HDNet.  So it’s time to put on YOUR red smoking jacket, grab a couple of oyur favorite honeys, slap a pseudo-armbar on your remote control and strap in for this 2GuysTalking Caption Hunt Review of Inside: MMA for October 3rd from Denver…

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Caption Hunt: HEROES (Season 3 Premiere)

September 23rd, 2008 by Mike2GuysTalking

Show Viewing Date: 9-22-2008
Show Title: Heroes: Season 3 Premiere
Network: NBC
Reviewed By: Mike Wilkerson – 2GuysTalking


I remember finishing the first entire season of “HEROES” on DVD, after the first set came out.  I had originally watched spotty episodes of it when it first came out as my hectic schedule allowed, and I was determined to get to the entire series when it came out on DVD to be prepped for Season 2 when it arrived.  As with many planned things recently in our lives, I completely missed the second season of “Heroes”, but I still have great admiration for the actors, the production designers and the people coming up with great writing in the Heroes crew.  In an homage to them, and one of our Caption Hunt/TelevisionReviewBlogs writers (Kip Lewis, who has a great new child – a gorgeous blue laptop that I would surely consider bonking him over the head and taking) following Heroes, I invited him over to my home theater last nite to watch the grand and different 2-hour premiere which I will now dialog here via The 2GuysTalking Caption Hunt Review series.  Grab your popcorn, your soda pop, and strap in.

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Caption Hunt: STAR TREK: Enterprise – United

June 9th, 2008 by Mike2GuysTalking

Show Viewing Date: June 9th, 2008
Show: STAR TREK: Enterprise – United
Network: HDNet
Reviewed By: Mike Wilkerson – 2GuysTalking


For any that know me, you’ll have learned that my nickname, CPTMIKE, is not from my many years of serving in the United States Navy, not because I am the commander of a mighty pirate vessel at sea, arrrr! It’s because I am and have been for many years, a dedicated STAR TREK Fan, even being the “president” (or in that organization, a “Captain of a Starship”) of a chapter of an International Fan Association of thousands all over the world. That being said, we get to this entry’s focus” STAR TREK: Enterprise, with an episode named “United.”

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Medium – Dynamic Duo

May 7th, 2008 by Christine

I was pleased with this week’s episode of Medium, “Being Joey Carmichael.”  I’m always happy to see Miguel Ferrer.  He’s a great actor.  As expected, he did a fine job playing Joey/Teddy Carmichael.

I’m not sure what it says about my psychological profile, but my favorite scene is when the shy kid with the lunchbox just one scene later bashes the older bully in the head with it (we find out later it’s Teddy instead of Joey).  At this point in the episode, I knew the theme would either be twins or multiple personalities.  And, as things turned out, I guess I was right on both counts.  Not an incredibly surprising twist, but a least not an outrageous tale like the past two episodes.

Speaking of multiple personalities, that Meghan Doyle sure is nutty.  I am so happy that Joe took the high road and shoved her away during her drunken advances.  The following day she seemed so needy and approval seeking.  It was so important to her to make it up to Joe by working harder.  She seems to be doing pretty well at her attempt to do just that.  And at the end of the show, she sends a $2,200 robe as a gift to Joe.  I don’t know what to say about that.  I hope that the Allison and Joe can just work through this somehow, because the money issues are getting kind of old.

Something that I just realized is that the music hasn’t stood out for me recently.  Last year I really enjoyed the songs added to the show, especially the classic rock selections.  Hmmm.

If I’m not mistaken, next weeks Medium is the last of the season.  At this point, I’ve seen six more episodes than I originally thought I would.  This is good.  The title of the finale is “Drowned World.”  I’ve been having a difficult time finding a synopsis of the upcoming episode.  I wonder if it will have anything to do with the subject of the 1962 science fiction novel, The Drowned World, by J. G. Ballard.  The novel features a central character who, rather than being disturbed by the end of the old world, is enraptured by the chaotic reality that has come to replace it.  That’s just a guess.  I guess we’ll just have to tune in on Monday.

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Medium – Car Trouble

April 29th, 2008 by Christine

I’m finding it hard for the show to make me happy.  This week’s episode of Medium, “Car Trouble,” had another elaborate murder scheme.  The killer, which was the husband again, creates a wife-murdering shooting machine in his garage using a tennis ball hanging from the ceiling as a trigger.  Last week five strangers that meet due to a flight delay agreed to kill his/her loved-one/partner at the same time in the future, in the same way – with poisoned pain-killers.  While I’m sure some murderers come up with these inventive schemes, I think it’s highly unlikely that they happen with the frequency we’ve been experiencing them on Medium.  But on the other hand, if the murders were all run-of-the-mill, then I’d probably be unhappy as well.  That’s why I said, “I’m finding it hard for the show to make me happy.”

The way Allison was acting, in relationship to the cars in the episode, made me want to reach into the screen and slap her myself.  Maybe I’m just extra crabby right now, but if my husband brought home a like-new SUV, I’d be driving it – no matter what “ghosts” inhabited the vehicle.  It seemed like Allison was more irrational than normal.

The episode ends with “to be continued.” We resolve the murder, but we still don’t know if Joe will cheat on his wife with his new invention partner.  But we do know that she will put the moves on him.  It was very suspicious that Joe’s whole purpose for working late was supposed to be the fact that he was waiting for the call for the results of the patent search, and then his partner, Meghan, receives the call on her cell phone and drops by the office to give him the good news.  I just hope he takes the high road.  I’ve already seen Jake Weber play a character that cheats on his wife in the movie, 100 Mile Rule.  I don’t need to see it again.

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Medium – Poison Painkillers

April 23rd, 2008 by Christine

In the opening of the show, Allison wakes up suddenly after dreaming of a voyeur walking the streets at night who sees a woman undressing in an upstairs window. A man approaches the woman, breaks a glass bottle and holds it up to her, arguing about something.   I was completely confused by this opening dream sequence.  I guess the aim was to misdirect the audience into thinking that the Peeping Tom had something to do with something.  And why would a husband break a glass bottle and threaten his wife with it?   Isn’t this what you do in bars?  She died from taking poisoned pain reliever.  I don’t get the broken bottle thing either.

 “Allison has visions of a friend of Scanlon girlfriend (Lynn) dying in a home mishap. This causes her to struggle with connecting some recent “accidental” deaths, consequently putting her own health in jeopardy.”  In this blurb from the internet and in the previews of this week’s episode, “A Cure for What Ails You,” they were emphasizing the jeopardy of Allison’s health.  Well, I thought this was pretty gimmicky.  Allison passes out once, and wakes up perfectly fine.  Besides scaring the bejesus out of her husband, and consequently pissing him off because of the $500 emergency room visit, there was no jeopardy to her health.  I thought NBC saved up this misleading sensationalism for ER.

The story of the five strangers meeting in an airport, and devising a scheme to kill their loved-ones/partners with poisoned pain reliever was a stretch for me.  It was an interesting enough twist, but I don’t think it’s feasible.  I’ve seen people (who know each other) create evil schemes on reality shows and fail to follow through.  I really have a hard time believing that five strangers would all follow through on a life-or-death scheme like this one.  Well, at least they found a way to pass the time while they were snowed in at the airport.

Note to self:  If I am ever feeling dizzy, and I can’t see straight, and I’m parked on the top floor of a parking garage, remember not to try to drive.  This was hard to believe as well.  If you are that messed up that you can’t put the key in the ignition on the first attempt, why would any normal person continue to try to drive?  I guess the writers wanted a dramatic car-flying-off-the-top-of-a-parking-garage scene.

Besides all of the show’s faults, I was still entertained.  I appreciated Joe being angry at his wife after her dramatic passing out but technically asleep episode.  They did not need the unnecessary emergency room charges.  Real people aren’t always immediately understanding – and I appreciate the way Medium handles these types of issues.

But the cute story about Marie and her need for glasses was the saving grace of the episode.  This episode confirms that Marie, like her other sisters, has inherited her mother’s psychic abilities.  During her first visit to the eye doctor, she perfectly recites the animals on the eye chart by reading the doctor’s mind.  Joe had to go back a second time, put earphones on the doctor, and turn the doctor towards Marie, and not the chart, to get him to see her squinting, and her inability to really “see” the chart.

I originally heard that there would only be nine episodes this season, but this one makes thirteen.  I know of two more episodes coming.  The next is “Car Trouble.”Allison meets Meghan Doyle, Joe’s new business partner. Meanwhile, her old car stops working and Joe surprises her with a nice looking used car. The car ends up being the center of a horrible unsolved crime though (of course).  I heard that this Meghan Doyle is supposed to cause trouble in the DuBois marriage.  If it were my decision, I wouldn’t go down that path.  I guess time will tell if they made the correct decision.

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Medium – Wicked Game – Part II

April 2nd, 2008 by Christine

I think this was the best two-part story the show has had.
I wasn’t surprised by Cynthia Keener’s murder of Joanna, but I thought it was a good ending to the story.  I am a little disappointed if Cynthia (Anjelica Houston) won’t be part of the show anymore.  And after this murder, it looks like her stint is at a close.  Cynthia Keener is obviously going to prison.  I wonder if her trial will be part of the show, or if we are just simply finished with her character now.  She was starting to grow on me.
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Medium – Wicked Game

March 30th, 2008 by Christine

This week’s episode of Medium was the first of a two-parter, “Wicked Game.”  This week’s moral dilemma was not as severe as cannibalism, such as in “Aftertaste” (that title is just so wrong) from a few weeks ago.  Allison only had to decide if she should meddle in Cynthia Keener’s personal life after Allison dreamed of Cynthia’s daughter’s kidnapping.  Allison was shocked that Cynthia hadn’t mentioned her daughter’s disappearance.  This is also supposed to explain Cynthia’s less-than-pleasant demeanor.  (Personally, I believe there are very few reasons to treat others like crap, and a missing child, however traumatic, is not a good reason to be miserable to others, especially after eight or nine years.)  Joe’s line in the opening sequence was brilliant:
Keener?  What could possibly give that woman nightmares?  Other than somebody named Dorothy dropping a house on her?

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