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Kyle’s Mom Makes Appearance on The Mentalist

February 18th, 2009 by Christine

Marguerite MacIntyre, who is Nicole Trager in the hit TV show, Kyle XY, plays a murderous country club wife on this week’s episode of The Mentalist.  After a bit of research, it looks like MacIntyre has been appearing on an episode or two of many popular TV shows over the years, such as, CSI:NY, Bones, Numb3rs, and The Shield to name a few.

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Special Treat for Kyle XY Fans…

January 2nd, 2009 by Mike2GuysTalking

Ahh, as the New Year arrives, so does the giant package of Email talking about new events, online fan opportunities and more!  This morning I received another message from our friends over at FanCast, talking about a great new Online Chat for those of you that are “Kyle XY” Fans.  Be sure to read on and FYI:  We’ll be submitting questions to them and will be rccognized in the chat so be sure to tune in and participate via this opportunity from Fancast.  Read on below and look for more a we get closer to the date of the live online chat.  It is truly the perfect opportunity for our Deaf and Hard of Hearing readers/listeners because it’s an online chat that will include what is essentially a real-time transcript of the entire event.  Don’t miss out on this great opportunity from our friends at Fancast!  Thanks for reading and look for more soon!  -Mike2GuysTalking

“On January 5th at 4:00 PM PST, we’ll be hosting a live chat with Matt Dallas, the star of the hit ABC Family show, ‘Kyle XY.’

Dallas plays the show’s protagonist, Kyle, who must learn who he is and how he lost all of his childhood memories, and strangely enough, why he doesn’t have a belly button.

Need to get caught up? We’ve compiled the show’s first two seasons into four memory-inducing minutes.

Click below to learn more and watch the video!


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Kyle XY – Hands on a Hybrid

August 24th, 2007 by Christine

Kyle XY – Season 2, Episode 10 –
Hands on a Hybrid
8/20/07 ABC Family, 8/24/07 ABC

If you haven’t seen Episode10 of Season 2, here there be spoilers!


The episode starts with Kyle, still with the picture of Adam and the Jessi look-alike in hand.  He instantly translates the foreign sentence on the back of the photo – “The light will show you the way.”  He’s determined to figure out what the story is with Jessi Hollander (aka Jessi XX).

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Kyle XY – House of Cards

August 15th, 2007 by Christine

Kyle XY – Season 2, Episode 9 –
House of Cards
8/13/07 ABC Family, 8/17/07 ABC

If you haven’t seen Episode 9 of Season 2, here there be spoilers!


Kyle wants inside the locked box from Baylin’s safe.  The ring is the key (Duh!).  But Kyle needs a piece of clay to shove in the lock to figure it out.

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Kyle XY – Ghost in the Machine

August 14th, 2007 by Christine

Kyle XY – Season 2, Episode 8 –
Ghost in the Machine
8/6/07 ABC Family, 8/10/07 ABC


Foss returns, but he won’t tell Kyle where he has been.  Kyle asks Foss about the attack on Lori.  Foss defensively states that he left the picture, but didn’t hurt her (which we all know is true – Jessi XX attacked Lori).  Kyle shows Tom the message he deciphered from the disk and walks out on Foss.

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Kyle XY – What’s the Frequency, Kyle?

July 31st, 2007 by Christine

Kyle XY – Season 2, Episode 7 –
What’s the Frequency, Kyle? –

7/30/07 ABC Family, 8/3/07 ABC

If you haven’t seen Episode 7 of Season 2, here there be spoilers!

This week I’ve summarized each storyline separately instead of doing a chronological recap. There’s a lot going on in this episode.

Lori’s Attack-

Lori’s attacker is unknown. Her family is being overprotective. Her father is sleeping on a twin bed in her bedroom, and Kyle is standing watch outside her bedroom door. She’s got a nice bruise on the side of her head by her eye, and fingernail scratches on her neck from when the attacker stole the necklace Lori got from Declan.

More…Jessi stops by Lori’s room on the way to her session. As usual, the conversation is strange, and XX seems unsympathetic.

Lori is showing her brave face. She decides to go to a party Friday night. But when the time comes, she backs out. She sends a text message to Declan that she is bailing on the party. He sends a message back, “Open your window.” Declan figured she would bail, and he was waiting outside with chick-flicks. Lori invites Declan to stay. He agrees on one condition, Lori sings her song for him.

Lori confronts Josh because he isn’t being his normal, smart-ass self with her. He explains it’s because every time he looks at her, he gets mad, and wants to beat up the person who did this to her. Then he makes a smart comment as he leaves, and it seems as if they will be back on normal terms. Lori then opens her locker, and her necklace is there waiting for her.

Kyle XY tells Declan his story-

Kyle meets up with Declan at Declan’s basketball practice. Kyle has already told Declan the story of what happened to him at this point. Kyle recommends that Declan stop by to see Lori.

Jessi XX is troubled-

At Jessi’s session with Nicole, XX inquires about what she is writing in her notes. XX wants to see what she is writing, but Nicole informs her that the notes are confidential.

Nicole brings Emily in after Jessi’s session. She is concerned about the way Emily treated Jessi at the dance last episode, and treats her in general. Emily suggests that maybe Nicole isn’t the right therapist for Jessi. Nicole threatens Emily – if Jessi misses one appointment, she’ll call Social Services.

Jessi recalls Nicole’s pencil strokes from her memory, recreates them using her own pencil and paper, and discovers that Nicole was writing that Jessi has no empathy, is socially manipulative, and has no remorse. XX is upset by this revelation. Declan stops by and XX and Declan briefly discuss Lori’s attack. Jessi doesn’t understand why Declan wants to stop by and see Lori, or why he is upset about the attack.

Emily has a heart-to-heart discussion with XX after Emily comes home and Jessi is sitting in the dark crying. Emily tells Jessi that tomorrow is a clean slate, a chance to correct your mistakes.

The sinister Mr. Ballantine, the Madacorp dude, wants Emily to bring in XX for a “reboot” after Emily reports Jessi’s defiance and Nicole’s threat. Emily disagrees, and starts going off on Mr. Ballantine. She’s upset because the assignment has lasted longer than they lead her to believe. And she misses her little…(she almost says “girl.” But it was enough for Mr. Ballantine to arrange for someone to pick up her little girl from school to scare Emily. The Madacorp employee took Paige home after her unscheduled pick-up, but Emily got the message. She brings Jessi XX in for her “reboot.” Mr. Ballantine tells Emily that it is time for Emily to now concentrate on Stephen Trager.

Stephen’s father-

Stephen receives a call from the hospital. William Trager, Stephen’s father, has had a stroke. The two haven’t spoken to each other in years. Stephen and Kyle go to the hospital to visit Stephen’s father. He is unconscious, and the doctor tells the two that he can’t even hear them. Kyle hears a shrill tone while visiting Stephen’s dad.

Kyle is compelled to draw an image he can’t get out of his mind. The image is that of a church. When he shows the picture to the family to see if anyone recognizes it, Stephen instantly recognizes it as St. Augustine’s, his father’s church. It was torn down years ago, and its image wasn’t in any of the family photos, so how did Kyle draw it? There is talk that Stephen’s father is trying to communicate through Kyle.

Amanda convinces Kyle to visit Stephen’s father again to see if he can receive another image. Meanwhile, Stephen walks in, wonders what they are doing there, and tells them to leave because he isn’t giving his father any more chances.

Later, alone in his room, Kyle blacks out. When he wakes up, he discovers that he has created a mural size drawing of a room, which appears to be a living room. Stephen instantly recognizes the room as his father’s living room. Stephen takes Kyle to his father’s house to show him the living room. Kyle mentions that he doesn’t understand how religion can bring so many people together and yet split so many people apart. Stephen explains that he is a “science guy” and needs proof. Stephen confides to Kyle that his father used to pour himself a whiskey and read his Bible every night – and ignore his kids. This is why he doesn’t care for religion too much. The last time he spoke to his father was in this room. Stephen had written a letter to his father, but before his father had read it, the fight escalated out of control. Stephen’s father ripped up the letter, without even reading it. They hadn’t spoken since.

Amanda encourages Kyle to keep trying to reach Stephen’s father. She believes in him, even if he can’t explain why he can do what he can do. Kyle stays at the hospital, but all he can see are the numbers 15 and 11. And he can’t figure out what these numbers mean. He tells Stephen about the numbers, and Stephen recognizes that the numbers represent his father’s favorite verse from the Bible, Luke 15:11. Kyle get William’s Bible, and looks up the verse, and finds Stephen’s letter. Stephen’s father had taped it up and read it after all.

Kyle meets Amanda at the garden where she used to sit and talk with her father. She tells Kyle that she was sorry that she didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to her father, and that is why she was pushing his work with Stephen and his father. Amanda and Kyle have their first kiss.

I think it was brave to talk about religion. It’s obvious that Amanda believes in God, and Stephen doesn’t. But the writers were careful not to give Kyle any definite position on the subject – he was neutral.

I’ve noticed that after about 45 minutes into the show, one of the major storylines raps up, and I think that the show is over. I’m ready to see scenes from the next show. But I am surprised to see that there is more, and that’s kind of cool.

I’m glad that Jessi XX isn’t portrayed as a mindless robot. It was interesting to see her feelings and desires come through, and to watch her learn how to deal. A human being, no matter how created, is too complex to be completely controlled or programmed. We’ll see how she acts after her “reboot,” courtesy of Madacorp.

The title of the episode makes me think of the REM tune, What’s the Frequency, Kenneth? I’m sure this was the intention – to mimic the title of the famous song.

I was robbed. I didn’t like the fact that we didn’t get to see Kyle give Amanda the piano last week. I didn’t mention it – I was going to let it go. But now we get robbed again, because we didn’t get to see Kyle tell Declan his story. I was curious to see how he would tell it, and to see how Declan would react. The after-the-fact scene at basketball practice was lame.

I don’t think Amanda and Kyle’s first kiss scene was all that impressively romantic. She uses this “you tell me, mind-reader” line on him that was pretty cheesy.

Food for Thought:
What was Nicole doing that she was too busy to support her husband? She did not go to the hospital with Stephen to visit his father. Even though the kids didn’t know their grandfather, why didn’t we see them visit him, either? Kyle was the only one in the Trager family that went to see the old guy (besides Stephen, of course).

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Kyle XY – Free to Be You and Me

July 25th, 2007 by Christine

Kyle XY – Season 2, Episode 7 – Free to Be You and Me – 7/23/07 ABC Family, 7/27/07 ABC

If you haven’t seen Episode 7 of Season 2, here there be spoilers!


Amanda “returns the favor” by asking Kyle to go with her to the Spring Fling dance.  Kyle had snuck the piano he had found into her living room.  Amanda’s mom is out-of-town, so she won’t mind if Amanda goes out with Kyle – if she doesn’t know about it.

Emily and Stephen chat it up at work.  Surprise, surprise – her sister, Jessi, and his kids go to the same school.

Josh tries to steal the SADD car’s radio.  As punishment, he gets clean-up duty at the dance.

Kyle doesn’t realize, at first, that he has a “date” with Amanda.  After Lori and Hillary both confirm that it is, he gets really nervous and out of sorts.

Lori and Hillary also discuss Jessi Hollander.  Hillary suggests that Lori makes Jessi XX her “Frenemy” (Keep your friends close, your enemies closer.).  Lori invites Jessi to her house.  While Nicole pulls aside Lori to tell her how inappropriate it is for her daughter to have a friendship with her patient, Jessi wanders into Kyle’s room.  She proceeds to fix Josh’s broken radio (the one he was trying to replace with the one from the SADD car), and then she makes herself comfortable in Kyle’s tub.  Kyle, of course, is drawn to her from the other room.  XX and XY have an awkward conversation about her being in his tub; she thinks it is comfortable, he asks her if she thinks it’s weird if he sleeps in a tub.  Her response is, “Is it?”

The school won’t sell tickets to couples of the same sex to the Spring Fling dance.  Hillary and Lori wanted to go stag, but buy the tickets as a couple.  But they were told they’d have to pay the more expensive single price.

Jessi and Declan appear in the next scene making out at her “sister’s” apartment.  Jessi interrupts (obviously, she can’t focus) and asks him if Lori is his friend, and then she asks him if Kyle is his friend.  He answers “yes – but, and used to be.”  Jessi continues to “make friends” with Declan’s tongue until her sister, Emily, returns home.  She kicks out Declan, and tells XX she can’t see Declan again.  The lights flash and Jessi gets a headache.  Emily tells her to stop being so dramatic and do as she is told.  Jessi is confused because Emily keeps telling Jessi to make friends, but this is what happens.

Amanda sees Kyle up late on the porch.  She asks him, “Why are you acting strange.”  She tells him that he doesn’t have to go to the dance with her if he doesn’t want to go.  He assures her that he does want to go, and that Nicole told him he is acting strange because he likes her.  Their date at the dance is the best thing that has happened to him in a long time.  Does she like him?  Yes.  That’s settled.

Andy talks the gang into having an alternative dance for the same-sex couples.  It is revealed that Andy has two moms.  Lori, Kyle, Amanda, and Josh get caught posting flyers throughout the school, and get called to the principal’s office.  Nicole protests the “no same-sex couples” rule, and the principal proceeds to call Lori and Kyle vandals, and Josh a petty thief, and that all are banned from the Spring Fling.  That’s all Nicole needs to completely sell her to host the “Swing Spring Fling” dance at the local hang-out.  But that’s not all.  The principal calls Amanda’s mom.  Amanda’s mom comes home early from her trip, and grounds her.  Kyle and Amanda’s date plans are cancelled.

Declan drags Charlie to the SSF dance to support Lori because of the guilt he feels from making out with XX while Lori was making her first live performance singing a song about their breakup.  Lori and Hillary partake in a same-sex kiss just to freak out the homophobic Charlie, in response to his “granola lesbian” comment.

Stephen is in the elevator with Emily on his way out of the office.  He mentions her “evil plan” and how it is working.  Emily’s expression is, “Does he know?”  But Stephen follows up with a statement that Lori and Jessi are hitting it off, and that she should go by the dance with him.  Well, Emily is certain that Jessi isn’t there, but Stephen clues her in that she is.

Back at the dance, Amanda shows up.  She sneaks out.  Kyle is completely hypnotized by Amanda.

Nicole lets Josh take a break from his clean-up duties to dance with Andy.  Then Josh and Kyle proceed to do a synchronized dance together (Kyle just learned how to dance yesterday by copying Josh).  Andy is impressed.

Meanwhile Jessi and Lori are talking.  Jessi notices the necklace she is wearing – it is Declan’s? – does Lori still want to be with Declan?  Lori says no, that Declan has moved on, obviously.  Later, Jessi tells Declan that Lori still wants to be with him, and his reply is, “I’m with you, aren’t I?”

Kyle and Amanda are slow dancing.  Any moment they will kiss.  Then Emily shows up and hollers at Jessi, telling her to leave.  The lights start to flicker again as XX gets upset.  Amanda asks Kyle if he saw that, and he’s like, “saw what?” because he is so whipped.  But as Jessi and Emily’s argument intensifies, the power goes out completely; Kyle does notice this time, just as he is about to kiss Amanda.

Amanda goes home so that she “doesn’t get grounded for 50 years.”  They agree to go on another date again sometime.  Kyle gets a kiss on the cheek from Amanda.  No serious smooching will go on tonight between Amanda and Kyle.

Andy helps Josh with the clean-up.  Josh gets a kiss on the cheek from Andy after he makes a nice comment about her gay friends.

Declan and Lori discuss the whole song incident.  He says that Jessi makes him forget about his problems because she’s new and not part of his problems.  Lori asks him what happened between Kyle and Declan.  She really doesn’t get an answer.

Back inside, Charlie makes an ass out of himself by spouting off gay slurs.  Declan stops him.  Charlie says, “You should remember who your friends are.”  Declan replies, “Yeah, I should” and looks straight at Kyle.  Kyle follows Declan outside.  He wants to tell him everything.  He used to have someone he thought he could trust.  Declan knows about Tom Foss, and he proceeds to show Kyle the threatening photos, especially the one with a big “X” on Lori’s face, that Tom left for him.  Declan is ready to hear Kyle’s true story, and Kyle is ready to tell it.  But this is for another episode.

The show ends with Lori throwing a bag of trash in the dumpster.  Someone unseen knocks Lori down unconscious next to the dumpster out back.


Lori and Hillary’s kiss was surprising since this is a family station.  I guess ABC Family is making a strong pro-same-sex couples statement.  I liked the way this issue was integrated into the show.  It didn’t stick out or appear like it was forced into the script.

I love the term, “Frenemy!”  I hope that’s how it is spelled.

I really liked the idea that a teenaged guy (Kyle) could be so hypnotized by a teenaged girl (Amanda).  I’m not sure if this is really possible in real life (without the teenaged guy’s only objective being to get into the teenaged girl’s pants).


Why would Josh try to steal the radio out of the SADD car?  This was a lame storyline.  I believe the character of Josh is a little smarter than that.

Nicole mentions Madacorp in front of Kyle, and he doesn’t freak out.  Didn’t Kyle, Tom and Adam discuss Madacorp – or am I just imagining it?  Maybe they just discussed the Zzyzx lab.  But I thought Kyle was aware that Madacorp is dangerous, and interested in getting him back.

Kyle XY and Jessi XX need to start having some more interesting conversations.  So far, they are unexplainably drawn to each other, but they don’t talk to find out why that might be?

The whole Kyle and Amanda “Do you like me?” scene was so unnecessary.  Kyle got her expensive bracelet back and gave her a refurbished piano – Duh!  I think he likes her.  And why wouldn’t she like him after all that?

Food for Thought:

Was it really Tom Foss that left the photos on Declan’s dash?  It makes sense that it is Foss, but there are other players that Declan doesn’t know about.

Why are Kyle XY and Jessi XX sometimes unaffected by each other’s presence, and at other times, they are drawn to each other?

And the big question of the night – Who bonked Lori in the head?  Was it a jealous Jessi XX?

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Kyle XY – Does Kyle Dream of Electric Fish

July 18th, 2007 by Christine

Kyle XY – Season 2, Episode 6 – Does Kyle Dream of Electric Fish – 7/16/07 ABC Family, 7/20/07 ABC

If you haven’t seen Episode 6 of Season 2, here there be spoilers!

Kyle begins having visions when a friend says the words, “Remember this moment.”  He sees a fishbowl with goldfish, a postcard, and Adam Baylin’s urn.  The postcard has the words, “Viz Allati” on it.

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Kyle XY – Come to Your Senses

July 18th, 2007 by Christine

Kyle XY – Season 2, Episode 5 – Come to Your Senses – 7/9/07 ABC Family, 7/13/07 ABCNote:  I forgot to post this entry last week.  Sorry!  I realized it when I went to post this week’s review.  The recap on this post is pretty long, but this episode was chock full of details.  Please read on… 

Kyle’s trying to heighten his senses, but he finds he can only do one at a time.  First he works on his hearing.  It’s about 1:30 AM and he heightens his hearing to the point where he can hear Amanda’s heartbeat next door.  And then shockingly, he hears another strange heartbeat near her.  He rushes over to her house, to find out that a man was in the house, and he stole Amanda’s charm bracelet.  The bracelet was the last gift her father gave to her before he died, and it means a lot to her.  Kyle chases after the burglar, but he almost gets run over by the burglar’s car trying to focus on his vision only.  He doesn’t get a look at the guy. Afterwards, Kyle and Amanda are discussing what happened when Amanda’s mom turns into Super Witch, and throws Kyle out the door.

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Kyle XY – Balancing Act

July 4th, 2007 by Christine

Kyle XY – Season 2, Episode 4 – Balancing Act – 7/2/07 ABC Family, 7/6/07 ABC

If you haven’t seen Episode 4 of Season 2, here there be spoilers!


Kyle is leading a secret life. Or at least he’s trying to lead a secret life. He gets up early in the morning at 4:30 a.m. Tom Foss has him run. He also makes him do math calculations while carrying two cement blocks on a pole while jumping from stump to stump in an elevated obstacle course. Lastly, Mr. Foss is having Kyle climb an insane climbing wall with a particularly demanding jump near the top. Tom says that training physically will help Kyle train mentally. But he is having a lot of close calls when it comes to hiding his time away from the family. Read the rest of this entry »

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