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Under the Hood of TERMINATOR: The Sarah Connor Chronicles’ Prop Master

November 20th, 2008 by Mike2GuysTalking

We all know who the “stars” of our favorite show is, but do you know who the people that MAKE the show happen are?  Join the TERMINATOR Podcast as we continue a series of “Under the Hood” Interviews as we talk with Prop Master, Scott Buckwald, from TERMINATOR: The Sarah Connor Chronicles who is one of the few people to have been on-board TERMINATOR: The Sarah Connor Chronicles since the inception of the series!

Included in our discussion, Scott tells us more about:
- How Scott Got Involved in Being a Prop Master & What He Does
- The Experience of “The Long Slide with Laser Sighting”
- Using the REAL, Same Great Weapons as TERMINATOR 2 – WOW!
- Scott’s Motion Picture Experience

and a whole lot more!

It’s a chance for you to take a peek “Under the Hood” of Fox’ TERMINATOR: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and it’s ONLY from The 2GuysTalking TERMINATOR Podcast!

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