Presidential Bio: Ronald Wilson Reagan (RWR) – The 40th President of The United States

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Who was the only President that served as the leader of a labor union? Who was a lifeguard credited with saving more than 70 struggling swimmers? He redefined the purpose of government. Spurred economic growth by cutting taxes and government spending, and won The Cold War with the fall of Communism?

If you guessed Ronald WIlson Reagan – you were right. Our 40th President of the United States and the focus of this episode of The President Bio Podcast.on The 2GuysTalking Podcast Network…

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— The History of the Song Hail to the Chief

Calls to the Audience:

  • — What was President Reagan’s favorite flavor of jellybean? Tell us now!
  • — Where were you during the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster? Tell us now!

–Where were YOU when the Reagan assassination was attempted? Tell us now!

–What do YOU remember from the presidency of Ronald Reagan? Tell us now!

About the Host of The Presidential Bio Podcast:

Phil Treacy is a businessman, commentator and emcee for a variety civic and political organizations in St. Louis, MO.

Phil was born and raised on Long Island but has made St. Louis his home since 1989.

He ran for state representative of Missouri in 1992 and his experiences on the campaign trail led to his interest in other political campaigns and candidates… including the men who have served the highest office of President of the United States.